From The President

AMSOIL Quality  – Our decisions

Someone once asked me about what makes AMSOIL special and how is it that AMSOIL products can be better than products from giant corporations like Mobil* that have seemingly unlimited resources. After thinking about it for a while, I came to one conclusion – the culture of the company and the quality of the products are personal matters to me and were to Al before me. I take great pride in AMSOIL, and that sets the foundation for decisions that shape the entire company. I would not jeopardize our reputation on foolish or self-serving decisions. And I don’t have to make short-term, quarterly decisions to satisfy shareholders that are bad for the company long-term. You will not find our values and decision-making criteria at public companies. They don’t care about their products or their Dealers like I do. That is what makes AMSOIL special, and that is how we are able to compete and win. When I taught AMSOIL University classes here in Duluth and Superior, I told the group to use this information to counter objections and I am saying it again now. Use these points at the right time to help you make sales.

In business, your brand and reputation are everything. For AMSOIL, we have identified three brand attributes that we take very seriously. First is expertise – we are experts in the field of lubrication. Second is excitement– we are enthusiastic with the same drive as a startup company, and we participate in exciting activities like racing. Third is principled/professional– we hold ourselves to high standards and conduct business in a professional, upstanding way with high integrity. You, as an AMSOIL Dealer, are our direct link to customers. You represent our brand and image. We can only do so much through advertising; the personal connection you make with customers is most important. And I am happy to say that together, we have built a very good reputation. We need to not only maintain that reputation, but also improve on it, and I am counting on you to help us do that. I like professionalism and it helps you sell. By being professional, you elevate yourself above your competitors and you will be looked to for help and solutions. You will earn more sales because customers will rely on you.

Being a professional means different things to different people, so I am going to set a few expectations for being professional. Follow up and do what you say you are going to do. Never leave a customer hanging, and don’t make commitments you cannot keep. Always be honest and genuine and do what is in the customer’s best interest. Customers can tell if you are not. Be on time and dress up. Being on time and looking good are easy to do and show respect for yourself, your brand and your customer. Be knowledgeable about your products and programs. It is OK to say “I don’t know” provided you follow up, but you should do your homework before connecting with a customer of any type. .

We provide a lot of resources in the Dealer Zone and AU Online and are continually updating and adding new material. If you have not studied this material, you should. I guarantee it will not hurt and only help. And remember the five “Ps” of sales – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Never give your customer a reason to leave. Customers are hard to get and should be cherished.

The AMSOIL brand and reputation are earned through the culmination of our corporate and Dealer actions. We must protect our image and show professionalism at every opportunity so that we continuously improve our very good reputation. It is critical to the success of AMSOIL and AMSOIL Dealers alike.

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