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New for 2023! AMSOIL reaches it’s 50th anniversary and with that the successful transition to their “Next 50 Compensation Plan”

Dealer comissions are significantly improved over the last phase which means new dealers are making more on single sales up front. More money in your pocket early on than the previous legacy plan!!  Even better the training system flows easier.

Here’s the latest on joining us as a dealer. Our new constantly updated AMSOIL Dealership and training website.

The below is older info but we’ll be updating as time allows. Honestly this business is so busy, the daily sales have us quite busy – DEALERS are needed. You can gain a LOT of business via out of state preferred customers and retails online sales. But people really don’t want heavy oil shipped. Oil is one item people still would rater buy locally. If I had my retail business in a larger city like Atlanta or Salt Lake City I’d be a multi-millionaire. So if you are in one of these places give me a call and I’ll help get you in the right direction. My system works.

Improved dealer commissions

An AMSOIL dealership is the most dynamic business you will ever enjoy.

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AMSOIL University friendly employee


I guess I should answer the most common question which is regarding support. Most dealers just signup online not realizing that they will be assigned to a random dealer somewhere then when it comes time to get serious, they will be shocked to learn the only person who is there to assist them is no where to be found. Dealers outside that group have no incentive. Thankfully as of March 2016 a new mentoring program was initiated then in 2021 the entire AMSOIL U was revamped!!
I am among the most active dealers who specialize in working with dealers. One reason to join my group is that I never miss an update from corporate and I forward out to the dealers anything I learn which will improve your business. I use email, Facebook, newsletters, Youtube, video screenshots,  blogging and am available for phone calls after business hours. My main method of communications as of lately is Telegram. This is excellent as several of our best dealers are on there to help you daily. It’s a great discussion port and it’s private to our dealers only.

New Dealer Recruitment Page to help you secure new dealers

Added new dealer development resources, Game Plan document, and a dealer recruitment website “joinamsoil” or which all dealers can use to entice new prospects with the benefits of becoming an AMSOIL dealer. Yes, should you not have web skills, it’s already done for you. Just attach your dealer ID# to the link and you get the credit should anyone join through your link. It’s a marvoulous to add to your success and income.

Dealer Training Series Blog

Well for years I have had my own dealer newsletter but now I have started doing Video Blogs and access to our past training materials. Once you join and let me know you have joined (  I will send you the link to my group’s archive’s. From inventory suggestions, videos, rules and important product sales points. It will speed up your success. 

In the past AMSOIL held yearly training at the HQ in the Superior, WI – Duluth, MN area. Dealers as far as Florida didn’t have a local rep to assist so they relied on their upline to be one of the 300 who could attend and pass along the information. Meanwhile thousands of other dealers didn’t know there was any information to pass along. Now since the start of 2017 onward,  AMSOIL U is FREE Online for everyone! As soon as you join.

Resent added perks for dealers:

  • #1 – and a NEW development  – FREE SHIPPING for all dealers on orders over $350!  This is a major announcement which should allow more inventory to be ready where the customers need it. Order less that $350 pay a simple flat rate of $13.99. Dealers now keep more inventory improving market presence by 15% overall! Yes, get involved now.
  • Startling Innovation! Every few years the main products are revamped to remain industry leaders. Recently significant problem solving innovation has been introduced to solve issues with GDI engine technology and intake valve deposits. New engines require synthetics to solve the LSPI issues which competing oils (95% of the industry) still don’t do a very good job at exceeding the minimum requirements. You definitely want to join now to get the knowledge down so you have the one product everyone needs.
  • AMSOIL U much improved – Much of the reason I have had the success I’ve had was because I’ve attended AMSOIL U in Duluth every year since 2002. Well starting in 2016 AMSOIL U Online became available in a capacity which will be as effective as traveling to Duluth. Early 2021 it was totally revamped which I am taking all the lessons all over again. More tech data to help build confidence with new dealers. This alone is reason for becoming an AMSOIL dealer.
  • Dealer Onboarding – The Quick Start Guide (and other follow-up materials) – Started August 1st 2017. A new tool to assist dealers in essential steps to get the most out of the dealership early on and points out aspects and directions for attaining maximum sales success in the various markets and channels available. A major tool for all new dealers. start your AMSOIL dealership right! Makes makes discussions with your team more efficient. Yes – this is a major help!
    ** As of January 2018 -= The new AMSOIL Game Plan guide to further help new dealers. And as of August 2020 an additional program is being developed to begin after the initial on-boarding is completed. This will be a video training system to further help cover items that often caused hurtles. So as you gain several dealers of your own it’s great to know AMSOIL is helping us out in the field get your dealers up to speed.
    Amsoil dealer game plan document
  • Retail accounts now given free shipping! (ordered over $300 – orders less than that amount only pay a flat rate of $10)  This is the single most important benefit for the AMSOIL dealer because it is adding instant success to a number of dealers monthly product volume. Retailers are increasing orders of AMSOIL supplies because not only they are able to profit more, but they are suggesting the products more to their customers. Getting your products in local retail stores and especially lube and independent auto repair centers is the best strategy for a consistent and profitable business.
  • Corporate Field Representatives available in select areas of the country to help dealers improve on establishing those tough to get accounts.
  • Expanded Retailer & Dealer locator – There is a growing emphasis on the retailer which the AMSOIL dealer services. The corporate locator is fast becoming a sales tool of its own. Customers are also able to choose between AMSOIL Dealers, lube centers or installers, powersports retailers and even dealers with installation centers.
  • Knowledge that only AMSOIL has solved issues in the wind turbine industry and has become the factory fill for half of the gear box manufacturers. This technology is in your automotive products which customers will notice the difference earning you customers for life.
    More Industrial OEM’s coming per an announcement in September 2020.
  • AMSOIL has started the largest national marketing push to date. Call me if you want to know how much oil I sell in just one week.
  • Lastly, the Preferred Customer program is such a success it has almost doubled our business in the last two years. PC’s now qualify for free shipping and other perks.

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Dealer Overview video I made in my older location..


Inventory Suggestion

This video goes with my inventory spread sheet which I can’t post due to the fact it shows pricing. But here is part II explaining three levels of basic starting inventory:



In Summary:

AMSOIL DealershipBasically you have a business you can work at your own pace. AMSOIL has great rewards and incentives to those who put in the effort or just stick around long enough to try their hand at a few things and let it all absorb.
Although we are in the modern age of everything being available on the internet, I have proven that the majority of ones success can be local. At least the most efficient way to maximize earnings is via local inventory and very low cost marketing strategies. Understand that there could be 1 or 100 existing dealers in your area which doesn’t necessarily mean you are treading on someone else’s turf or have no chance at success. Most dealers work their businesses in totally different ways from one another. Some specialize in over the road trucking, some deal in internet sales only, many only stock when there’s a call and chances are you will be the only one with a reasonable inventory and available for local AMSOIL demand.

Older archive – I use a different platform now but regardless – enjoy.

First Step for AMSOIL Dealer Sales Success & growth

AMSOIL created the “Certified Dealer” class as a way for local customers to find the dealers who are more active in their businesses. Any dealer can achieve this at any stage by showing their proficiency of AMSOIL policy and meeting a very minimum set of “reasonable” activity. As long as the dealer keeps this minimal order frequency and an occasional gain of a new account, they will receive local leads and remain listed in the corporate locator.

Sell a product kowing that yoru customers respect what you do

AMSOIL dealers are problem solvers

Bottom line there are some great incentives. Retail profits, growing commissions on product, growth bonuses, vehicle allowance, Retail and Commercial Account cash bonuses and of course the ever paying commissions from a growing downline as you advance beyond Direct Jobber. Just by joining the monthly publication which hits your mail, the hotline news which makes your email and all the available blogs and technical papers in the “Dealer Zone”, not t mention my own newsletter archives will help you complete the tasks needed for advanced success. There are thousands of AMSOIL dealers achieving success thanks to the growing number of fast action publications which you can access any time.

This link goes to the official sign-up page at the corporate site and pares you with my group.
Join while it’s still the best small business bargain anywhere!! AMSOIL is in demand!

Ches Cain
AMSOIL Platinum 4-Star Direct Jobber Dealer (Reference) # 510227

AMSOIL Monthly Dealer Magazine 2022

Here is the current AMSOIL Dealer magazines: April 2022 edition.  So you can see what material the corporate office sends you each month keeping you up to date on things. Always something technical, news about marketing and the future, new products and ways to enhance your business while supporting your network of customers.

A little about me:

I started this in 1997 after using AMSOIL for a couple years. I was amazed by the results and instant performance in my cars which I had to depend on (Starting with my 64 Corvair Monza) to get to work and school. With some hobby racing I was able to gauge more added performance and the maintenance products were proven to be quite significant. So sold on the products in a large city (Dallas, TX) I started a small inventory of $600 and started handing out cards and area trade shows. This solidified my local business via word of mouth then I started one of the first dealer websites which within one year I had 80 new dealers! I was able to leave a $60,000/year job and Southwestern Bell/ATT so I no longer had to answer to someone.

Amsoil dealer Ches Cain's Synthetic Warehouse

Synthetic Warehouse Ordering Center

Today I have over 300 downline dealers and hundreds of repeat online customers. Now living in South Dakota I am willing to guess I have the largest AMSOIL inventory with two retail stores and every product in stock. It requires me to order a minimum of two, six foot high pallets of product monthly in both locations just to keep up with the demand. You can do the same.
I recently made adjustments to the stores to operate more efficiently so I could once again concentrate on my downline dealer support. Presently I work my AMSOIL business 6 days a week. If I could go back to 1997 I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Join us as a AMSOIL dealer today using this form or call us at 800-579-0580.

Ches Cain

Ches Cain AMSOIL Regency Platinum Direct Jobber

Join our nationwide team – 605-274-2580

PDF of the current G100 AMSOIL Retail Catalog you can hand out to potential customers. (October 2021 version)

From the October AMSOIL Dealer Magazine – Opening comments from the Presidents of AMSOIL INC

Amsoil presidents Dean Alexander and Alan Amatuzio.

AMSOIL Presidents Alan Amatuzio and Deal Alexander

Dean Alexander  Co-President & CFO / Alan Amatuzio Co-President & COO

When we talk about being industry leaders, it’s not just lip service. We couldn’t feel more strongly about
offering advanced, premium products. We use the best base oils, we only want the best additives and our suppliers know it – they don’t even bother offering “average” chemicals.

In order to keep pushing technology forward we must have the people in place to lead the charge. We’ve hired experts who are passionate about their fields, and we continue to invest in their training to ensure they are well equipped to maintain the company’s position as an industry leader. Recently, Vice President, Technical Development Dan Peterson and Technical Product Manager – Drivetrain Mike Caruso achieved the status of Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) from the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). CLS status is highly regarded within the industry. In fact, there are only 1,300 people worldwide
who have earned the title. Four of them work at AMSOIL.

Others in the company hold a variety of certificates, awards and achievements from industry organizations and universities as well. We have assembled a team of experts in every aspect of our
business, from oil analysis to search engine optimization. The key to finding these people is their passion. People who are passionate about their field are driven, demand quality and pursue people and organizations that hold similar values.

We know that when you visit us in Superior, Wis. or speak to any of our employees on the phone, that passion is evident. It is what drives us to continue working on your behalf, developing new tools and improving existing tools, such as the AMSOIL Locator on our website. The Locator updates you’ll read about in this issue have been implemented to help customers find you and your accounts. We are planning our largest national marketing push to date. You are going to see more advertisements in
more places than ever before. This will result in more people looking for AMSOIL products, and most of them will begin their search online, ultimately finding one of your websites or our corporate site and
the AMSOIL Locator. You can capitalize on this in multiple ways.

Make sure you are leads certified through the T-1 Certification Program. When people use the AMSOIL Locator to find a Dealer, your contact information will appear and you’ll have the opportunity to make sales.

Maintain a presence online. Ensure your website is updated with current AMSOIL marketing messages and technical information. If you don’t have a website, explore your options through the AMSOIL Digital Marketing Program or contact a local web designer to have one built.

Register new retail accounts and ensure they qualify for the AMSOIL Locator. Most consumers prefer shopping at traditional parts stores, and many of them will use the Locator to find retail locations
or installers in their area. Making sure you have Locator-qualified retail accounts will
help you increase sales.

Update your retail accounts’ Locator information. It will help consumers find what they’re looking for, and it will increase the likelihood of your accounts receiving the additional business.

We are counting on you, our most passionate group of experts, to take these steps and maximize the results of our efforts. Doing so will help you most of all.

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