Income potential of part time AMSOIL Opportunity

Take advantage of all the perks of this home business

This blog serves as a way to communicate with AMSOIL fans who are or should consider becoming a dealer. No product survives or exists without a sales team and no sales team exists if adequate compensation.

So more frequently I will be showing you actual steps I do daily to make sure I’m able to serve the maximum number of prospects for the least investment especially those not directly searching for “AMSOIL” as the keyword. Be sure to join us as a dealer so you can receive my newsletter and video blogs.

It does start locally

It’s all about supply and reacting fast to the customers needs. Still weekly I get calls from customers due to the resulting 4 to 6 dealers which either didn’t answer the phone, didn’t have in stock a common AMSOIL product, acted like their request was too small to spend the time helping, or were out of the business. These are customers who called dealers listed on the AMSOIL Corporate locator. Here in my store in this small city I move an average of 7 cases per day.

As Inventory Grows So Does Your Profits and Margin

I take full advantage of AMSOIL’s purchase discounts and 3rd party low cost freight.
My orders are always 10% off dealer cost (purchase discount) plus and an extra 2% I get from my Capital One credit card and in a recent case I got an additional 5% rebate due to the AMSOIL University period so looking at a best seller here’s what you can make:
SVG 75W-90 quart is $14.90 retail which is an easy seller, I paid $9.10 when buying in the case with maximum discounts entwined. So I make $5.80 per quart and another $2.00 roughly on the commissions (total of $88.60 earned per case.)
Thus ordering ahead and keeping stock really pays.

Another perk not covered in AMSOIL’s dealer literature (until you reach Direct Jobber) is the end of the year bonus. Intensely this is the one thing that pushes me to new heights every year. Once you have matched sales of the previous year, everything over that is worth 10% in the form of a bonus! Which can be quite impressive.

And just as I always say, search google for your local area and you should be the #1 dealer listed when you search for an AMSOIL product. Accomplishing that is the easiest part of this business but for your sake very few dealers even bother to check or learn how. My newsletters are packed with tips on how to get that done. All that for practically no cost but just some time!

Often I get questions involving AMSOIL’s national advertising. “Why doesn’t AMSOIL advertise here, here or there? ” Well the short answer is they sort of just started to but much of that is left up to the dealer to help control product pricing. Thankfully AMSOIL is now selling in additional industries outside of the automobile industry which was decided on for the very purpose of additional funds for nationwide marketing strategies. I wont mention the industry here but it is a product not available to the public.

The American Way of Marketing – MLM

Also AMSOIL method of marketing is in actuality the true American way. AMSOIL creates a product which allows individuals the opportunity to share a large percent of revenues rather than a mega store. It also now features good margins to small retailers (and chains of 12 or less stores) via dealers without the burden of shipping costs and even has proven marketing options for them.
But for you the dealer, you are responsible for marketing for the most part. Nothing to stress though because the products are PROVEN and are in GREAT Demand!! This also keeps AMSOIL’s dollars in what they do best which is research and improving products to always offer more protection and performance than the competition.

AMSOIL home inventory

An earlier home inventory before opening the AMSOIL stores.

We need more outlets and this is where you come in. So many ways to sell, so many opportunities. Join up and let us help you get on the map to make the phone ring. That’s the only shortcoming of AMSOIL – Customers want the products now, today and you can be the key!

Check out our dealer introduction page, join up via the link then once you have your account started enroll in AMSOIL University Online and start enjoying a 2nd income from a fantastic American Made product which is already established and in demand.

Ches Cain
Regency Platinum Direct Jobber


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