We’re doubling down on Dealer success.

Growing staff to help dealer meet growing demands in US and Canada

Some exciting new developments are in the works.

Dan Peterson - Vice President AMSOIL Technical Development


I know what you’re thinking. What is Dan Peterson doing in the Insight on Sales column? Shouldn’t his mug be gracing the Tech Talk column?

Admittedly, I loved my former position as Vice President of Technical Development. I had a hand in developing the best synthetic lubricants on the market. And I used the Tech Talk column to keep you informed on the latest technology and innovations in a way that was, hopefully, down-to-earth and understandable. My hope is that I helped you more confidently understand and talk about AMSOIL products so you could more comfortably talk to customers and prospects.

Really getting my mind around seemingly complicated subjects and distilling them to their essence is something I love. Those “a-ha” moments when an idea transforms from a bunch of words into a vivid image are empowering. They fill you with confidence and ease your path to success. And those moments aren’t confined to technical subjects. It can come in the sales and marketing realm, too.

This brings me to why I’m writing this column today. If you hadn’t heard, I’ve taken on a new role at AMSOIL: Senior Vice President, Dealer Sales and Marketing. As much as I love the science of synthetic lubricant technology, I also love marketing. My main goal in this new role ultimately remains the same: to help you sell more products. Previously, I did that by ensuring the synthetic lubricants in our product line delivered solutions to our customers’ performance challenges, be it a weekend warrior looking for added heat protection for his turbocharged Chevy* Camaro*, or a fleet manager in need of a diesel oil that fights oil consumption and boosts fuel economy. Rest assured that we’ll continue to develop only the best products.

For Potential Dealers – Find out how to fund your hobby

Here’s the new “Join us as a Dealer” website designed to help daily every day AMSOIL dealers add clients to their business. Answers the main questions for those considering becoming a dealer.

Passion and Commitment

But now, I will be more involved in how we market and sell our products. This means, in part, developing resources and strategies that help remove the hurdles you face out in the marketplace and more effectively sell our products.

First, let’s back up a step.

Prior to coming to AMSOIL nearly 10 years ago, I worked in Appleton, Wisconsin’s paper industry. The company for which I worked had a few things in common with AMSOIL, namely a desire to manufacture high quality products. But one of the key differences was how the products were distributed. Here at AMSOIL, we’ve distributed products through independent Dealers since 1973, when Shirley Green pitched the idea of direct marketing to AMSOIL founder Al Amatuzio. Seemingly overnight, sales went from sluggish to robust, and the rest is history.

When I came here, however, I knew little about direct marketing or the Dealer network. But I quickly experienced your passion and enthusiasm for AMSOIL products after spending time with Dealers at training events and Dealer meetings around North America. It’s impossible not to get fired up when Dealer after Dealer shares success stories with you or talks about their plans for growing their business.

Fast-forward to today. While my office has changed, my perspective has not. I’m still committed to helping you sell more products and make more money.

It’s getting easier and hard work is paying higher dividends

One way we’re doing that is to simplify the business for new Dealers. Let’s face it, the commission plan can be intimidating and difficult to grasp. And, when new Dealers sign up, they can quickly become overwhelmed and indecisive about where to start. When a new Dealer comes aboard, we don’t want confusion; we want excitement. We don’t want uncertainty; we want clear direction.

One big project announced in this issue’s Centerlines aims to help new Dealers hit the ground running, which in part means getting AMSOIL products into their hands as soon as they sign up. While the details are still being ironed out, we previewed some new developments at AU Live in Las Vegas last spring, and the Dealers in attendance gave their approval. Look for details about that, and other new projects, soon.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to continuing my relationship with you. It may be in a different role, but it’s still from the same perspective: to help you succeed.


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