Yes Sir, we announced the introduction of AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil and Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil a couple of years back. I thought I would pair up the main diesel oil choices so you can match them together. These choices cover all the main viscosity options. The Max and Heavy Duty choices will help you dial in the best oil and value for your needs. When considering mileage, performance and added protection AMSOIL offers to these modern machines you will see there is no better choice.

Years ago the lubricant companies were told they were going to have to do more with less as the new engine requirements were unveiled. These future requirements appeared to be near impossible as none of the technologies existed to reach the timeline. As you would expect, AMSOIL beat everyone to the finish line and as it stands now, users of AMSOIL diesel oils and fuel additives enjoy significant longer engine life than owners using competitive products because AMSOIL diesel oils can handle more soot, fuel dilution and heat. Less oil ends up in the exhaust system which cuts costly regen’s not to mention that famous fuel economy increase our customers like to tell us about!  And one more thing no one else wants to talk about – Rust and Corrosion protection.

Signature Series 5W-30 (DHD)

Newer Over-the-Road Trucks Mixed Fleets

Signature Series 5W-30 is a versatile oil aimed at mixed fleets of diesel and gasoline vehicles, simplifying maintenance and lubricant inventory. Its extended-drain capability further maximizes convenience and minimizes downtime for fleet managers with busy schedules.

It is also an outstanding option for newer over-the-road trucks that come factory-filled with 10W-30 for improved fuel economy. This can simplify your diesel oil choices.

  • 6X more engine protection*
  • Recommended for both diesel and gasoline vehicles, simplifying maintenance and lubricant inventory
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Outstanding cold-temperature performance
  • Extra protection for extended drain intervals
  • Can work in place of 10W-30

Heavy-Duty 10W-30 (ADN) & New Signature 10W-30 (DTT)

Newer Over-the-Road Trucks Smaller Off-Road Equipment Some Turbodiesel Pickups

Many newer over-the-road trucks come factory-filled with 10W-30 for improved fuel economy. Heavy-Duty 10W-30 is ideal for customers who want to maintain the improved fuel efficiency afforded by a 10W-30.

It also provides outstanding protection for smaller off-road equipment and turbodiesel pickups specifying 10W-30 (Ford** specifies 10W-30 for normal service).

  • 4X more engine protection*
  • Excellent opportunity for price-conscious customers to move up to AMSOIL quality
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Outstanding protection for OEM-recommended drain intervals

NEW Signature Series 10W-30 – Just added October 2019

DTT1G, Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 10W-30

AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 10w-30 Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers 6X better wear protection than required by the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for Specification DFS 93K222. Advanced synthetic technology provides excellent viscosity control. And the outstanding extreme-temperature performance will have you noticing when you turn the key and mash the foot feed! The result: protection that’s boosted to the max.

The 10W-30 Signature Max-Duty Synthetic (100% that is!) will outfit the requirements of most future diesel oil choices.

Signature Series 0W-40 (DZF)

Diesel-Powered Vehicles and Equipment Operating in Cold Climates

My favorite one here in the Dakotas! Signature Series 0W-40 is formulated specifically for applications operating in extreme cold. You know, the ones which are often parked outside. Signature Series 0W- 40 provides the ultimate cold-weather protection and performance, helping engines turn over faster and reducing start-up wear. Ok to use in any diesel calling for 5W-40 or 15W-40. All have the same overall operating viscosity.

  • 4X better cold-temperature performance***
  • Reduces unnecessary idle time. Engines can be shut down with confidence of restart.
  • Extra protection for extended drain intervals
  • Best choice for that truck or older diesel car which sits outside in the winter

Signature Series 5W-40 (DEO), Heavy-Duty 5W-40 (ADO)

If you own two or more diesels which one requires 15W-40, I recommend this one if you want one product for all of them. A 5W-40 still meets the operating viscosity needed for 15W-40.

Turbodiesel Pickups Over-the-Road Trucks Heavy Equipment

The Signature and Heavy-Duty versions of 5W-40 are ideal for turbo diesel pickup owners who want the cold-weather and fuel-economy benefits of a 5W and the protection benefits of an SAE 40.

  • Outstanding cold-cranking ability and startup protection
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Never “too thin” for hot climates

Heavy-Duty 5W-40

  • 4X more engine protection*
  • Excellent opportunity for price-conscious customers to move up to AMSOIL quality
  • Outstanding protection for OEM recommended drain intervals
  • Not at all too thin for hot climates

Signature Series 5W-40

  •  6X more engine protection*
  • Ideal for customers seeking the ultimate wear protection in severe operating conditions
  • Extra protection for extended drain intervals

Signature Series 15W-40 (DME),  Heavy-Duty 15W-40 (ADP)

Over-the-Road Trucks Off-Road Equipment Turbo-diesel Pickups

Signature Series 15W-40 and Heavy-Duty 15W-40 are the primary recommendations for most on- and off-road heavy-duty diesel applications in the marketplace; 15W-40 is the most widely used viscosity in the diesel world.

  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Outstanding shear stability, ensuring superior viscosity retention and wear protection in the most severe environments

Heavy Duty 15W-40 – Our Best Seller!

Get a case shipped so you don’t have to settle with the “It’s really not a bad oil” choice

  • 4X more engine protection*
  • Excellent opportunity for price-conscious customers to move up to AMSOIL quality. It’s a favorite with grain haulers in our area.
  • Outstanding protection for OEM-recommended drain intervals

Signature Series 15W-40 – Best of the Diesel Oil Choices for all older diesels dating back decades as well.

  • 6X more engine protection*
  • Ideal for customers seeking the ultimate wear protection in severe operating conditions
  • Extra protection for extended drain intervals
  • Backwards compatible with older diesel specifications

Matching The Best Oil For Your Rig

If you haven’t seen it before please check out the AMSOIL Vehicle Look-up guide and bookmark the page for your vehicle. We list oil choices which are generated right from the manufacturer. Oil Filters, transmission fluids, coolant capacity and more! A resource you will want to share with your mates.

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