The next generation is seeking a personal connection in their work.

AMSOIL Dealers have the perfect opportunity for them.


Why are you a part of AMSOIL? What got you to be a Dealer in the first place? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself these questions?

As we grow and recruit new people into our groups there is a thread that brings us all together. We tend to focus a lot on the financial opportunity, which is great, but the camaraderie and sharing an experience with people who have similar interests is really the glue that holds us together.

In my time as a field sales representative I got to visit with many Dealers on their turf. Many of those visits took place in garages that were also set up for meetings. These were places where people got together not just to talk about products and how to make more money, but to have a shared experience building friendships and bonds that can last lifetimes.

I’ve watched at field meetings across the country. You come together and you also meet old friends there. You catch up with people you haven’t seen in a long time and talk about your lives and your AMSOIL businesses.

It’s easy to look past the relationship benefits of being an AMSOIL Dealer, probably because those relationships just come naturally. Most of the time you’re recruiting people you meet at an event centered on something you both have interest in, or you’re recruiting friends who share the same interests as you or are part of organizations you support. You might not make this a full-time job. You might not retire 20 years early because of your AMSOIL business. But you are very likely to meet and work with some great people along the way, and you are most likely going to have some pretty amazing experiences with your small business.

The other thing we tend to overlook is that business gives you the opportunity to help others. You get to be a mentor, a coach and help people achieve their goals. It’s no secret that helping others is good for us. It makes us feel good, too. That’s why many of us at the AMSOIL corporate office come to work every day. We do our best to help you, just like you do your best to help Dealers on your sales team.

An AMSOIL Dealership is a new and different concept for many people – it isn’t the traditional definition of a small business. But that’s what it is. As we look to bring in younger people to keep us strong for the future, these points are important to remember. The world is talking a lot about the millennials because they are the largest demographic group since the baby boomers. They want good jobs, but they want to be engaged in those jobs. They want to be connected to them. They want a purposeful life and to be active in their communities, but also have financial stability. Doesn’t this sound like a great fit for AMSOIL? As their sponsor, provide them support and camaraderie while working with them toward their financial goals. Remind them that the flexibility to do this will also allow them the flexibility to be active in the community and to support causes that are important to them. They can then share that flexibility with their friends and colleagues. When they begin to mentor it will give them that ever important sense of purpose and being engaged.

The other thing to remember about millennials is that they are, not surprisingly, electronically connected. They use the Internet as their main source of news and information. That means they want a personal connection with you, but they want to review the data online. It’s a reason social media outlets can be so important in reaching them. This is also why it’s important to have an online business presence separate from your personal one. That doesn’t mean your business presence is completely impersonal – they still want to use that presence to get to know and trust you – but you should be careful when expressing personal beliefs. For example, millennials are the largest group of individuals to say they are politically independent. So nearly half of them could be turned off by political affiliation posts. Those are best kept to your personal page and off your business page.

When recruiting new members onto your sales team, don’t forget about one of the greatest parts of our business: building strong relationships.

Join us as an AMSOIL Dealer and help end the search for product in your city!!

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