Injector’s Require It – Diesel Fuel Additive

Only overlooked by those who don’t understand the critical fuel issues. Stock up and enjoy your diesel to the N’th degree!!

New Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost

Available Now, Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost (ADS) combines the superior detergency and improved lubricity of AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean with the increased horsepower and cetane of AMSOIL Cetane Boost in one convenient package, providing the full potency and benefits of both products at an affordable price.

Loads of Benefits

Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost is purpose-built for serious enthusiasts and professionals who depend on diesel power to make a living. It provides the total package of injector cleaner, lubrication booster and performance improver in one easy-to-use treatment that aids in retaining power and fuel economy while preventing wear that leads to expensive repairs.

  • Cleans dirty injectors
  • Lubricates pumps and injectors to reduce wear
  • Increases cetane up to 8 points – best cetane improvement on the market
  • Extends fuel filter life
  • Improves fuel economy up to 8%
  • Combats fuel-system corrosion
  • Delivers maximum horsepower
  • Safe for use in all diesel fuels, including biodiesel
  • Alcohol-free


Convenience and Cost Savings

Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost is the ideal combination diesel fuel additive for climates that don’t require the cold-flow benefits of AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow.


Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost is recommended for use with all types of heavy- and light-duty, on- or off-road and marine diesel engines.

To prevent cold-weather fuel issues, add Diesel Cold Flow or switch to Diesel All-In-One.

Note: The 16-oz. (473-ml) bottle treats up to 80 gallons (303 L). The 8-oz. (237-ml) bottle is specially formulated to treat up to 20 gallons (76 L) in one convenient dose.

Popularity and Value

Our two AMSOIL stores in Sioux Falls and Omaha have done well with all the diesel additives but this one is fit to become our best seller. Never skimp on the lubricant. These new injectors need it in every tank..

Research “fuel and injector wear” so you know why. The Cetane part is simply a boost to your wallet. Even at full retail I sell this product as “free money”. The cetane makes up for the low numbers available in most states resulting in made up power from shorted fuel’s cetane.. This under load saves you fuel and when driving empty (cruising) one experiences added economy. Even small VW turbodiesels see the added performance.

But also factor in the lubricant which halts the injector issues which are quite severe although microscopic..  We’ve posted a number of blogs on the subject. It’s the first part any diesel owner needs to fully understand.  That and having spare filters on hand..

Best way to Order

I suggest buying the 1/2 gallon in addition to a single 16 ounce bottle to refill. The sight-glass on the side makes refilling and use simple. One 16 ounce bottle treats 80 gallons and the special 8 ounce bottle is blended differently for diesel cars (non-truck) for 20 gallons..


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