Unlike most multi-level marketing companies, AMSOIL provides strong advertising support to help you generate new customers. Here are some of the things you can expect in 2019.

AMSOIL largely relies on Dealers like you to spread the word about the benefits of AMSOIL products on a personal level. You help market the AMSOIL brand by providing service to customers, recruiting new Dealers, customers and accounts and leveraging your unique talents to market your business. AMSOIL also holds a corporate commitment to marketing our brand. Here are just a few of the ways that we provide advertising support to help you attract more customers and where we’re heading in 2019.

Brand Advertising

Brand recognition plays a huge role in generating awareness about the company. That’s why we invest in national advertising through print, TV, podcasts and more. We’ve taken a hard look at our publication mix and made some valuable adjustments. We won’t appear in as many different magazines in 2019, but the magazines we show up in will be seen by more people. In addition, we are discontinuing the “Devoted to Protection” campaign and focusing on a grittier approach featuring parts used in actual lab and field tests that clearly demonstrate our superiority.

If you’re a fan of the Velocity channel, you’ll be happy to see more of AMSOIL there. Velocity will be running AMSOIL commercials during a variety of shows, and AMSOIL products will be showcased on a few shows as well.

Digital Marketing

Online advertising has become more important than ever. In recent years, there has been an increasing shift from traditional print and TV advertising toward Internet advertising, and we have followed this trend. We invest heavily in online communi- cations, campaigns and keyword advertising to attract potential customers. We also have a strong presence on social media, allowing us to reach out to thousands of followers 24/7. In the year ahead we will be boosting exposure of online elements like the blog and implementing new features like the AMSOIL Midwest Fishing Report ( to increase leads and nurture them on the path toward becoming customers. We will also be broadening the use of promotions redeemable online by customers other than P.C.s and arming you with these powerful tools to aid in customer acquisition in the field. Our new website will greatly enhance our capabilities for digital marketing, which will be our main focus in the months ahead.

Sponsorship and Events

Sponsoring professional drivers, racing series and motorsports events is a key part of our branding strategy. AMSOIL has Official Oil partnerships with some of the nation’s biggest events, including the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Daytona Bike Week and Laconia Motorcycle Week. We also sponsor several highprofile racing series and professional racers. These sponsorships generate a lot of brand exposure in key markets. Our sponsorships evolve every year as we continually evaluate the return on investment. The biggest change for 2019 is that AMSOIL will no longer be the Official Oil of Monster Energy Supercross. We love the sport, however, and will continue supporting the Factory Connection Honda team.

So look into what an AMSOIL dealership has to offer and fund your hobby or use AMSOIL income to pursue your passion!

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