Universal Dual remote Bypass Oil Filtration System

AMSOIL Bypass Kits Made Easy

BMK-23 Combines Full-Flow and Bypass filtration on a single, easy-to-install mount. All installation parts except filter spin-on adapter are included. Must purchase the spin on adapter that matches the filter thread on your vehicle. Without filter elements - 2 required. For use with EaBP90, EaBP100 or EaBP110 Element.

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AMSOIL Bypass Kits Made Easy

AMSOIL Bypass Kits Made Easy

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The Ea Bypass Oil Filter (EaBP) provides the best possible filtration protection against wear and oil degradation. Working in conjunction with the engine’s full-flow oil filter, the AMSOIL Ea Bypass Filter operates by filtering oil on a “partial-flow” basis. It draws approximately 10 percent of the oil pump’s capacity at any one time and traps the extremely small, wear-causing contaminants that full-flow filters can’t remove. The AMSOIL Ea Bypass Filter typically filters all the oil in the system several times an hour, so the engine continuously receives analytically clean oil.

Higher Efficiency
AMSOIL EaBP Filters have an efficiency of 98.7 percent at two microns. At normal operating RPMs the EaBP Filter will filter all of the oil in a typical five quart sump in less than 10 minutes.

Superior Construction
The superior construction of AMSOIL EaBP Filters provides better sealing and increased longevity along with superior corrosion resistance. AMSOIL EaBP Filters have a marine powder coated exterior; and their zinc-dichromate base plates increase rust protection. EaBP Filters have a nitrile HNBR gasket and an orange silicone anti-drain valve. The two stage pleated and layered cellulose/full synthetic media has an efficiency rating of 98.7 percent at two microns.

Longer Lasting
When used in conjunction with AMSOIL motor oil and an AMSOIL EaO or Donaldson Endurance™ filter, the EaBP90, 100 and 110 Filters should be changed every other full-flow filter change up to 60,000 miles or one year whichever comes first. When used with other brands of motor oil or full-flow filters, the EaBP Filter should be changed every other full-flow filter change. AMSOIL recommends using oil analysis when extending oil drain intervals.

AMSOIL recommends changing the EaBP120 every other full-flow filter change up to 90,000 miles or one year whichever comes first. Extended oil drain intervals should always be accompanied by an oil analysis program.

Increased Oil Capacity
The increased fluid system capacity and filtration life provides improved oil cooling and ensures that equipment constantly runs on clean oil. Engine efficiency is increased, providing extended engine life.

Soot Removal
AMSOIL has designed a high-efficiency bypass filter element that is also a soot removal device. AMSOIL Ea Bypass Filters use a synthetic/cellulose sandwiched media. The inner layer of the element is composed of a highly efficient cellulose media covered with a full synthetic media outer layer. These filters remove 39 percent of soot contaminants less than one micron. Soot removal efficiency increases approximately 10 to 14 percent when the EaBP Filter is used in conjunction with a standard full-flow filter.

Bypass Filtration Benefits

  • Dramatically Extended Drain Intervals
  • Improved Oil Cooling
  • Increased Filtration Capacity and Life
  • Increased Fluid System Capacity
  • Efficient Small Particle and Soot Removal
  • Significantly Extended Engine Life
  • Equipment Constantly Runs on Clean Oil
  • Increased Engine Efficiency
  • Remove Particles Less Than One Micro

Oil Filter Thread Adapters

If your equipment uses
this AMSOIL Filter
This is the thread used on that equipment
EAO11M22 x 1.5
EAO153/4 - 16 UNF
EAO17M22 x 1.5
EAO23M18 x 1.5
EAO2413/16 - 16UNS
EAO263/4 - 16 UNF
EAO343/4 - 16 UNS
EAO383/4 - 16 UNS
EAO423/4 - 16 UNF
EAO5213/16 - 16UNS
EAO5913/16 - 16UNS
EAO6413/16 - 16UNS
EAO801 - 16UNF
EAO981 - 16UNF
EAO991 1/2 - 16UN
EA15K093/4 - 16 UNS
EA15k12M20 x 1.5
EA15k13M20 x 1.5
EA15K20M20 x 1.5
EA15K29M18 x 1.5
EA15K3213/16 - 16UNS
EA15K50M22 x 1.5
EA15K513/4 - 16 UNS
3/4" - 16BK295
13/16" - 16BK296** or BK302
18mm x 1.5mmBK297
20mm x 1.5mmBK298
22mm x 1.5mmBK299
22mm x 1.5mm (2008-Present Chevrolet 1500 & 2500 gas engines)BK310
1" - 16 (Cummins)BK300
1-1/2" - 16 (Power Stroke 7.2 L)BK301
13/16" - 16 (Duramax 6.6 L)BK302
** Please contact Technical Services to discuss your application for the correct adapter. 800-579-0580
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