Synthetic Compressor Oil ISO 100, SAE 30/40

AMSOIL PCK ISO 100 - SAE 30/40 Synthetic Compressor Oil

Synthetic Compressor Oil - ISO 100, SAE 30/40 The correct viscosity grade compressor oil is recommended for use in rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating and other compressor applications. Compatible with PAO, ester- and petroleum-based compressor oils. Not compatible with glycol- or silicone-based compressor oils.

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AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Compressor Oil is a long-life, premium compressor lubricant based on novel, proprietary technology. It incorporates the highest quality, thermally stable PAO synthetics fortified with premium non-detergent additives for maximum protection at high temperatures. It lasts up to 8,000 hours, effectively reducing maintenance and waste oil disposal costs.

Improves Compressor Efficiency
AMSOIL PC Series Oil has low friction properties, resists viscosity increase from oxidation and helps improve operating efficiency.

Controls Foam and Reduces Wear
AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Compressor Oil ISO 100 SAE 30/40 contains anti-foam additives and, unlike some other compressor oils, is anti-wear fortified. Good foam control reduces heat, oxidation and wear. High contact regions are protected against wear for increased compressor life and lower maintenance costs.

Resists Water Contamination
Water from condensation builds up in compressors and can cause unwanted oil/water emulsions that lead to rust and corrosion. AMSOIL PC Series Oil is hydrolytically stable. It resists acid formation, readily separates from water and is anti-rust fortified. Water can be easily drained for simplified disposal and increased oil life.

Resists Heat and Oxidation
AMSOIL PC Series Oil combines the inherent stability of premium synthetic base oils with specialized anti-oxidant additives to resist varnish, carbon and acid formation. It is formulated to protect compressors better and last longer in service than petroleum oils, especially during hot operating conditions.

Safety Advantage
AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Compressor Oil ISO 100 SAE 30/40 is an ashless, high-flash-point formulation with very low carbon-forming tendencies that minimizes the incidence of ignition-promoting “hot spots.” While PC Series Oil can provide improved fire safety, it cannot be considered non-flammable.

Application Recommendation*
AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Compressor Oil ISO 100 SAE 30/40 (or per the appropriate viscosity) is recommended for use in single and multistage rotary screw, vane, centrifugal and reciprocating compressor crankcases and cylinders, vacuum pumps, pressure washer pumps and other applications such as gears, bearings, blowers, pumps and handheld pneumatic tools. In compressor applications, drain intervals of 8,000 hours or more can be expected under normal operation. Drain intervals are subject to operating conditions and maintenance practices. Monitoring by oil analysis is recommended. For best performance when converting to AMSOIL PC Series Oil, it is recommended the compressor be flushed of the old oil and all filters changed prior to the installation of PC Series Oil. If carbon deposits are present on the internal components, it is recommended they be removed following the compressor manufacturer recommendations.

* Consult the equipment manufacturer or AMSOIL Technical Services for use in specific applications.

AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Compressor Oil is compatible with petroleum oils and most synthetic oils, seals, paints and materials, including the following:

• Nitrogen • Hydrogen • Helium • Carbon Monoxide
• Carbon Dioxide (dry) • Ethylene • Methane
• Propane • Butane • Propylene • Butylenes
• Natural Gas • Benzene • Butadiene
• Furnace (crack gas) • Hydrogen Sulfide (dry)
• Synthetic Gas • Sulfur Dioxide
• Epoxy • Oil Resistant Alkyd • Acrylic Enamel
• Acetal (Delrin) • ABS • Phenolic • Polyamide-imide
• Polyamide (Nylon)
• Polycarbonate (metal covered only)
• Polyester • Polyetherimide (Nylon) • Polyimide
• Polyphenylene oxide • Polystyrene • Polysulfone
• PTFE (Teflon) • Terephthalate.
• Fluoroelastomer (Viton) • Nitrile (Buna N)
• Polyacrylate • TFE/P • Poly Urethane.
Note: Not recommended for “breathing air” or refrigeration compressors. Not recommended for use with polycarbonate plastic that is not metal covered, PVC plastic and butyl, ethylene-propylene or SBR rubber. PC Series Oil is not compatible with polyalkylene glycol or silicone oils.
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Editors Note: This is one of the most competitive products AMSOIL’s sells. The feedback over the years from firms such as General Dynamics, Pilot Chemical and numerous businesses such as tire shops, furniture & wood mills, print shops, has been all great praise. We solve problems and save you time and money! 

This product is not expected to cause health concerns when used for the intended application and according to the recommendations in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). An MSDS is available via the Internet at or upon request at (715) 392-7101. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Don’t pollute.

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Synthetic PC Series Compressor OilsSAE 10W
SAE 20
SAE 30
SAE 40
ISO VG - ASTM D-2422324668100
VK 100°C - ASTM D-4456.17.310.513.4
VK 40°C - ASTM D-445 32.843.068.1100.2
Viscosity Index - ASTM D-2270135132145133
SPGR - ASTM D-12980.83930.84280.85240.8550
Density - ASTM D-12986.9897.0187.0987.119
Flash Point °C (°F) - ASTM D-92260 (500)252 (486)250 (482)262 (504)
Fire Point °C (°F) - ASTM D-92274 (525)276 (529)276 (529)274 (525)
Pour Point °C (°F) - ASTM D-97-53 (-63)-47 (-53)-40 (-40)-44 (-47)
Four-Ball Wear Test - ASTM D-4172 (40 kg, 1200 rpm, 75° C, 60 min.)0.450.450.450.45
Copper Strip Corrosion Test - ASTM D-1301A1A1A1A
Rust Test - ASTM D665 A & B Fresh Water and Synthetic Sea WaterPassPassPassPass
Foam, ml (ASTM D-892) Sequence I, II, III Test End - and After 10 minutes settling0/0/00/0/00/0/00/0/0
Demulsibility ASTM D-1401 [oil/water/cuff (minutes)]40/40/0 (10)40/40/0 (10)40/40/0 (10)40/40/0 (10)

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