The AMSOIL line up of diesel products satisfy a vast array of diesel engines over any decade of manufacture. Thinking about what I wanted to write, first came to mind the diesel fuel additives. AMSOIL’s product data sheets do a good job explaining what the product is intended to do and why the customer should use it (the tangible benefits). But rarely will this material reflect the testimonials experienced by the customer.

The Diesel Fuel Additive (Now Diesel Injector Clean – product code ADF) instantly restores mileage but in new diesels with DPF systems it significantly reduces the frequency of the regenerations because the combustion remains cleaner. Other customers have remarked on better response if low torque. Even small passenger car diesels remark on the added mileage. I had one Jeep Liberty (diesel) customer express his sanctification due to the unexpected repair of his stuck fuel gauge over a 500 mile trip. Another benefit not seen is management of capacity robbing moisture buildup in the tank.

The industry says you have a choice. You can either use about $750 in diesel fuel additive in every tank over a 10 year ownership of your diesel (Light duty pickup for this example), or expect to spend $6500 to $10000 in injector replacement. There is no in between.

The newer generation of injectors are so precise and operate in the nano range that some problems can only be identified by electron microscope. Care of diesel fuel systems must be taken seriously!!

AMSOIL’s packaging offers a single 16 ounce bottle which treats 80 gallons. A half gallon with exceptional value pricing treats 320 gallons or the new 8 ounce size (popular in the case of six) which treats 40 gallons. Many customers buy the half gallon and use it as a refill for the smaller bottles for on the road filling simplicity.