Direct Jobber Vic Sorlie of Colleyville, Texas enjoyed his career as an airline pilot. He’s enjoying his career as an AMSOIL Dealer, too. It’s his second favorite part-time job, he said.

“In 1998 I was a pilot for American Airlines and was near 49 years old,” Sorlie said. “At that time mandatory retirement for pilots was age 60. I felt the need to start looking to start preparing for life after flying and made a ist of the features I was looking for in a prospective business.”

His list included low start-up costs, a top-quality product or service that he had an interest in, minimum purchase requirements, no assigned territory and no sales quota. “I wanted to write my own flight plan and fly it,” Sorlie said.

One day he tried synthetic oil in his car and saw an immediate difference in performance. Shortly after that, he saw an ad in a car magazine for the “AMSOIL Dealership Opportunity,” called the number listed and was contacted by a Dealer who became his sponsor.

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“It just came together,” Sorlie said. “I tell people I stumbled into AMSOIL. My wife, Linda, and I have found the AMSOIL business perfect for us for many reasons. For me, the main one is the superior quality of the products. There are none better. If I can get someone to try AMSOIL he or she will experience the difference firsthand. We also like the flexibility of being able to work the business when and how we want. With the convenience of smart phones and the Internet I can service my customers and prospects wherever I am.”

Find a Niche

Sorlie started his business while he was still flying becoming familiar with AMSOIL products and their quality.  No other products beat AMSOIL quality, he said. “I use all of the AMSOIL automotive lubricants,” he said.

Armed with his own experience and a firm belief in the products, Sorlie has built a growing Dealership.

“I don’t sell synthetic oil; I sell performance, protection and value.”
Direct Jobber Vic Sorlie

“Over the years I’ve gravitated toward retail installers, as we live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex and the large, growing population means there’s plenty of businesses that need our products,” Sorlie said. “I’m also near the Dallas Distribution Center, so I have great access to the products. This is also a big selling point when prospecting Preferred Customers. I prefer to register P.C.s, then led them decide if a Dealership fits.

Build Customer Relationships

Sorlie takes his time getting to know his customers, and their needs, and presenting them with solutions.

“People want to have a relationship,” he said. “They don’t want a hard sell.”  Based on the philosophy that he provides solutions to his customers’ problems or needs, Sorlie has developed a system that works for him. People buy benefits, not features. “Years ago a top Dealer gave me this sound advice:  ‘Concentrate on what AMSOIL does, not what AMSOIL is,’” Sorlie said.

“I deliver a lot of product to my accounts, so I see them frequently,” Sorlie said. “I try to keep them advised of new market trends and products, such as the new diesel oils specifications just released, new AMSOIL website features, products, etc. I also send out a lot of thank-you notes at the end of each quarter and also when I get a new customer.”

Customer service for Sorlie sometimes includes delivering drums of oil and pumping the oil into tanks.

“AMSOIL is a great business, but it takes time to build and you must believe in it and yourself to stay with it,” Sorlie said. “The market is ever-changing, so you must learn to adapt and change with it. My sales went up when I learned to ask questions and listen, rather than try to tell the other person all I could about AMSOIL.

“I don’t sell synthetic oil; I sell performance, protection and value.”

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