AMSOIL Ea Carbureted Air Filters & Kits

AMSOIL Ea Carbureted Engine Air Filters & Kits Specially designed for racing and street rod enthusiasts who desire Ea protection in carbureted applications. Designed for use with carbureted engines that use a 14-inch round element air cleaner housing. Cleanable and reusable. Use PART NUMBER drop down to select.

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EaAR Air Filters

AMSOIL Ea® Racing Air Filters (EaAR) are specially designed for racing and street rod enthusiasts who desire AMSOIL quality and protection in carbureted applications. AMSOIL Ea Racing Air Filters are constructed with nanofiber technology. This synthetic media ranks among the most efficient available and provides better airflow and more capacity than cellulose filters.

See detailed EaAR specifications and photos (299k PDF)


AMSOIL’s EAAR Carbureted Air Filter Kits fit designed for use with carbureted engines that use a 14″ round air-cleaner housing.

Expanded Applications
AMSOIL custom Ea Racing Air Filter assemblies are designed for racing applications. They incorporate high performance design and excellent airflow in addition to the high efficiency afforded by AMSOIL Ea synthetic technology. These custom-engineered air filters are designed for use with carbureted engines that use a 14″ round air-cleaner housing. The kits feature the common 14″ diameter carburetor plate, air filter and high-airflow lid along with a 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ or 6″-high filter. Replacement filters, airflow lids and carburetor plates are also available individually.

Ea Airflow Lids
AMSOIL Ea Racing Air Filter Kits provide racers with more power through Ea airflow lids. The airflow lids are constructed using AMSOIL Ea synthetic media, providing additional filtration area. They feature a polished aluminum trim ring with AMSOIL logos etched on the surface. Not only do Ea airflow lids add filter area, they actually redirect air inside the filter to pull more air through the side pleats for even greater performance efficiency. AMSOIL Ea Racing Air Filter kits provide more airflow than competing assemblies.

Advanced Filtration Technology
AMSOIL Racing Air Filters are designed to replace stock cellulose, oil-wetted gauze or foam filters. The synthetic fibers in Ea Racing Air Filter media have sub-micron diameters and small inter-fiber spaces, resulting in more contaminants being captured on the surface of the media. Cellulose, wetted gauze and foam filters are larger and have larger spaces between the fibers in the media, causing contaminants to load into the depth of the filter, plugging the airflow path and resulting in higher restriction. Ea Racing Air Filters have more pores per square-inch (higher pore density), allowing for higher dirt-holding capacity and lower pressure drop when compared to traditional filter media. Their thinner media fibers produce more uniform pore size distribution, improving the filter’s overall ability to capture and retain particles.

Quality Construction
AMSOIL Ea Racing Air Filters’ synthetic media is pleated with epoxy-coated wire for additional strength and stiffness. A high-quality plastisol potting compound is used to ensure structural integrity between the filter media and screen. The Ea Racing Air Filtration system allows air to flow both through the side of the filter and through the synthetic media of the lid, adding more filter area, greater performance and superior efficiency.

Quick Cleaning
AMSOIL Ea Racing Air Filters are cleanable and long-lasting. AMSOIL recommends cleaning Ea Racing Air Filters when designated by the restriction gauge if the vehicle is so equipped, or according to operating conditions. In dusty conditions or in high-performance vehicles, more frequent cleaning may be required. Ea Racing Air Filters may be cleaned by vacuuming the media on the dirty side or using low-pressure shop air on the clean side.

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AMSOIL#Diameter (in.)Height (in.)Description
EaAR210214"2.75"Complete Filter Kit
EaAR210314"3.625"Complete Filter Kit
EaAR210414"4.6875"Complete Filter Kit
EaAR210514"5.6875"Complete Filter Kit
EaAR210614"6.875"Complete Filter Kit
EaAR214014"N/AReplacement Base for Kit
EaAR214114".875"Replacement Lid for Kit
EaAR214214"2"Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR214314"3"Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR214414"4"Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR214514"5"Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR214614"6"Replacement Filter for Kit

Here are some shots of how our EAAM Carburetor style filters work.


Nanofiber overlay on celluslose.

Fibers start in liquid form sprayed in a controlled fashion based on the size and shape of the debris to remove

Typical material of a oil wetted gauze. Place a lamp behind it and be shocked!!

Typical material of a oil wetted gauze. Place a lamp behind it and be shocked!!











1000 x Scanning Electron Microscope Images
Red circles represent the diameter of a 2 micron and a 5 micron particle.

Nanofiber in airfilter comparison

Air filtration down to 2-3 microns!


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